Saturday, November 19, 2011

Quick Nail Art

Huma's leopard nails

Last night a crafty friend of mine taught me how to easily create this leoprint on my nails and she did it equiped with four bottles of nail polish, a tootpick, a post it note, and webcam.

My attempt at leopard nails

This is just something interesting that I don't get to do very often. Drop a comment if you'd like her tutorial video!


  1. That's really crafty how you were able to paint your nails so well. I would love to see a tutorial because last time I had leopard print on my nails, they were the stickers that are available in stores. Plus, I paint my nails quite often and I love trying different things. So the tutorial will save me a lot of money. Is there any other patterns or designs that you know of? If so, I would love to try them.

    Here is the link to her tutorial video on youtube. I'm glad you like it!