Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Scramble of Thoughts

This week in terms of "The Sky is Blue" was an experiment. Since my last post I have tried to keep of list of my prominent thoughts that have potential to be the next post. The problem is that I couldn’t choose just one! So I’ve decided to post the highlights of my list and I would love feedback on any one of the topics.
1. It’s been too long since I’ve seen the stars or bothered to look. Where I live the visibility is definitely limited and it takes about thirty minutes for eyes to fully adjust, time which I cannot spare most nights. Apparently Mars is visible this time of year. Hopefully I will take a night to do this when I have a break in  a of couple weeks. 
2. A note to teachers: Every once in a while, we hesitate to answer your questions not because we’re too lazy to think but because we take your class seriously and actually feel the pressure to prove ourselves/not disappoint. Personally I don’t appreciate being underestimated (or complaining but I do value honesty).

3. It’s not that I’ve never killed a spider myself or found enough mercy to just walk away. I don’t quite know why I am scared some times and not others. And to clarify from last week’s post, I do feel some shame because I know that a spider is just one of God’s loved creatures and that it does amazing things. I have channeled a lot of hate towards spiders. I hope they didn’t take it personally. I wonder if all hate is like that. It’s hard to tell when people really mean it, if they ever do.  

4. I wish people would consider the amount of gossip that they generate. Of course I do it, too, just because it fills up conversations but honestly I like silence. I wish it wasn’t so uncomfortable to people because when we try to make things up in attempt to start conversation, it’s not genuine. Being around people that gossip just makes me more uncomfortable and weary of what they could say about me, which is not a mind frame I desire. There is certainly a place for good (constructive) gossip, however.

5. Wouldn’t it be cool to see another color in addition to the one’s on our color wheel? I often think about why God used what colors where. 

Some of these may seem trivial to other people, ideas get that way.

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  1. Great thoughts! Nice idea to keep a quick list of "random" thoughts. I'd like to comment on #2. I agree that some students do feel that sincere level of pressure when teacher asks a question; students don't want to disappoint. However, if I may offer another perspective, I admire all attempts. The willingness to share an idea, even when it is off the mark, takes more courage to me than someone throwing out an accurate answer. So I hope you feel the comfort in making mistakes in our classroom. It's a necessary, critical piece of the learning process! (You have NO idea how many mistakes I make on a daily basis! :)